We are not alone

HuffPost Union is not alone in this fight. Unions at other news organizations across the country are taking real, concrete steps to diversify their newsrooms and make their workplaces more equitable. In response to union pushes, The Los Angeles Times, for example, has committed to ensuring that one-quarter of its staff are Latinx. USA Today has committed to creating new positions and assigning existing reporters to cover issues affecting marginalized communities. The New York Times conducts pay equity studies every two years to ensure women and people of color aren't being undercompensated. The Washington Post has pledged new hires for reporting positions focusing on race, multiculturalism, and health disparities in minority communities, and in July hired a Managing Editor for Diversity and Inclusion to oversee coverage as well as talent development and retention.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

From Transform The Inquirer

On June 3, 2020, the day after The Philadelphia Inquirer’s disastrous “Buildings Matter, Too” headline, 44 journalists of color called out sick and tired of the paper’s enduring failure to accurately report about nonwhite communities.

The Los Angeles Times

"Over the next five years, we expect to achieve a newsroom where Latinos make up one quarter of our staff." -- Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, owner and Executive Chairman of the LA TImes

Read the letter that sparked the change.

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From USA Today

Today, USA TODAY and our local newsrooms are publishing a census that documents the number of our journalists who are female, Black, Indigenous and people of color, putting our staffs in context of our communities' demographics. We are committing to achieving gender, racial and ethnic parity by 2025 and will report our progress annually. 

The New York Times

From the NYT 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Report

[E]ach year we publish data on the composition of our staff, and provide updates on the steps we’re taking to continue to build on our progress.

The charts show our staff is steadily becoming more diverse across gender, race and ethnicity. Women now represent 51 percent of our staff and 49 percent of leadership. People of color now represent 32 percent of our staff and 21 percent of our leadership. Each of these numbers increased over last year, driven in part by the diversity of our new hires. 


After a push from R29's editorial union, "Vice Media Group (the parent company of R29) has hired independent investigators to review the complaints shared, launched a pay equity analysis and a training program, and created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy."

Business Insider​

In July, 2020, Business Insider released its pay equity report. Read the findings, here.

The Washington Post


Our company has expressed a commitment to these values. But the members of the Post Guild believe that true progress can only be achieved when we begin with the facts. And the facts tell us that The Post has a problem with pay disparity.

The Post has never conducted and released to the public a comprehensive pay study of its own. So this year, Post Guild decided to do one itself.